Designing a legal framework for Validation of non-formal and informal learning in Macedonia

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has adopted a Roadmap for implementing a System for VNFIL on the Republic of Macedonia, in 2016, following the adoption of a Concept Paper for Non-formal Adult Education and Informal Learning in 2015. A Guidance Note on Validation of Non-formal and Informal Learning (VNFIL) processes and Specifications for the Methodology package were developed in 2017, which are also considering the different EU institutional frameworks, VNFIL procedures and instruments. Further on, a training session for potential VNFIL assessors was carried out in December 2017, based on a defined handbook for assessment. The Adult Education Centre is involved in all validation related developments in the country. In 2018, a Coordination Body and a Working Group have been established for further implementation of validation arrangements. However, the legal provisions for VNFIL are not in place yet.
In March 2018, ETF organised a joint Kosovo-Albania-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia workshop based on a peer learning format, aiming to improve capacities of country teams in VNFIL design and implementation. It was a technical workshop with concrete outputs: (a) two drafted first versions of by-laws, respectively, for Albania and for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; and (b) draft procedures and processes for the accreditation of RPL providers, by country.
Further to this joint workshop, the Macedonian team has concluded about the right legal provisions needed on validation, and the need for formulating first the amendments to the Adult Education Law, of 2008. This workshop aims at drafting those articles based on the previous discussions and materials prepared and at formulating the final legal VNFIL provisions. It also aims to transfer knowledge from the Slovenian validation system and to identify the next priority actions in this domain.

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Agenda: Draft agenda_VNFIL workshop_30-31 May 2018 revised on 0205