Big Data for Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) – building the system with Online Job Vacancy data of two countries (Tunisia and Ukraine)

This is the first Webinar of the new phase (2020) of ETF project “Big Data for Labour Market Intelligence”, in the practical application phase to create the Online Job Vacancy analysis system, operational with data analysed and classified, and results presented using visual analytics tools.

Governments and socio-economic partners in ETF partner countries are unanimous on the need to develop and better use information on labour market and skills dynamics to improve the performance of education and training and the availability of qualifications and skills for the society. Today, this implies engaging in innovation to improve labour market intelligence (LMI).

Big Data analytics offer new possibilities to add value to LMI and deliver real-time and fine-grained skills analysis and insights for users. Big Data is all around us. Big Data is characterised by volume, variety, velocity and eventually - value. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, combined with vast computing power anytime and anywhere allow data science to exploit certain Big Data sources, which have large potential to supplement and enrich conventional LMI: it is the case of online job vacancies (OJVs) managed by a large variety of online job vacancy portals and boards.

ETF partner countries have seen a growing use of digital tools and online portals – public and private - to post and manage job vacancies. In this context ETF started in 2018 an initiative aimed at exploring the potential for application of Big Data analytics for LMI in ETF partner countries, focused on data from job vacancies announced online.

Phase 1 of the project: (June 2018-2019) was dedicated to creating a specific methodological guidance and disseminate it among data analysts, national statistical offices and labour market institutions. A key output of this phase is a short handbook published in June 2019: “Big Data for Labour Market Intelligence – a brief introductory guide”[1]. Two training workshops were conducted in 2019 to present and discuss the methodology. The thematic materials of the in-depth training workshop of November 2019 are available online.

Early 2020 we started building the data system. Preliminary results are shared and discussed at this webinar.

Participants of this Webinar are:

  • Members of the Eastern Partnership “Make it Match Network”
  • Researchers and analysts from other ETF Partner Countries (Tunisia)
  • Team of the ETF Big Data LMI project (Alessandro Vaccarino, Mario Mezzanzanica, Mongi Boughzala, Vladimir Sarioglo, Aleksandr Cymbal, Eduarda Castel-Branco)
  • ETF staff

Contact: Eduarda Castel-Branco,


Big Data for Labour Market Information – focus on data from online job vacancies – training workshop (Eastern Partnership Platform 4 Work Programme for members of the “Make it Match” experts’ network) | ETF - Europa

Under the framework of Eastern Partnership (EaP) multilateral cooperation, notably Platform 4 (People to People), the European Commission and ETF co-organised a training workshop on 21-22 November 2019, in partnership with the University Milano-Bicocca and TabulaeX.

[1] Authors: Mario Mezzanzanica and Fabio Mercorio from University Milano-Bicocca. Available at:

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