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The EU cooperates with Armenia in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy and its eastern regional dimension, the Eastern Partnership. The ETF supports the European Commission providing inputs to the relevant bilateral sub-committees and follow up of the Mobility Partnership as well as annual country updates on education training and employment developments.  

Following up on Armenia’s participation to the the fifth round of the Torino Process,  the ETF will work to maximise vocational education reform through exchange and stakeholder discussion, in particular by creating stronger policy partnerships between employers and government agencies for entrepreneurship, and supporting policy priorities identified by the SME performance review in cooperation with the European Commission.

The ETF is also supporting the improvement of data availability through cooperation with the National Statistics Office strengthening the evidence base for VET and employment policy.

The ETF isl continuing to support the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia in the follow-up of the Better qualification for Better Jobs budget support programme. 

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