DirectorXavier Matheu was born in 1961 in Barcelona (Spain) and holds qualifications in geography and history, social education and in-company training management. For 14 years he worked in Barcelona on technical assistance projects in the fields of vocational education and training reform and employment. In 2004, he joined the ETF as an expert in vocational education and training reform and from 2008 he worked in corporate planning, monitoring and evaluation. From January 2015 to December 2020, he was Head of the Policy Unit under the Operations Department. In January 2021, he became Head of the Knowledge Hub Department, which ensures the co-creation, management and sharing of ETF knowledge on human capital development (HCD) in partnership with European Commission services, our partner countries and international community stakeholders. It also provides updated and relevant factual information, monitoring, analysis and assessment on HCD in the countries with which the ETF works.

On 16 February 2022 Xavier Matheu also took up the post of Director ad Interim of the ETF, until a new Director is appointed.

Rohkem teavet

Meetings of ETF Director ad interim Xavier Matheu de Cortada with organisations and self-employed individuals