#30 - Platform work: digital futures

In the 30th episode of the Skills Factory podcast, titled “Platform work: the future of the digital labour market,” we discuss the growing influence of digital platforms (e.g. Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo) in the labor market and the implications for individuals, businesses, and society.

The guest speakers are Vili Lehdonvirta from Oxford University and the author of the book “Cloud Empires: How digital platforms are overtaking the state and how we can regain control” and Iwona Ganko from European Training Foundation.

We explore the impact of digital platforms on work and skills, with a focus on the expansion of remote work, the challenges and benefits of platform-based employment, the role of gender and the risks for economic inequality of platform workers. 

The episode provides insights into the impact of digital platforms for the nature of work and emphasises the need for proactive measures to address the concerning dynamics of the labor market.

Host: Maria Lvova Zolotarevskaya, ETF