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#22 - Myths about career advice

Career guidance can be referred to in many different ways. You might have heard of ‘career counselling’, ‘career development’, ‘career management’, ‘careers information, advice and guidance’, ‘vocational counselling’ or ‘vocational guidance’. 

Whichever name it goes by, the objective of career guidance is to help people of all ages manage their careers and guide them in making the educational, training and occupational choices that are meaningful for them.

But, in reality, are career guidance services doing a good job?

Are our parents best placed to advise on career choices rather than advisors?

❓ Should career guidance services start working earlier to help young people think about their career choices?

❓ What are the most important aspects to consider when deciding on a career?

How often will we change our professions during our lifetime and can career guidance support each change?

Listen to the new episode of the Skills Factory where we will answer all these questions, debunk some of the most common myths about career guidance and discover what it means to be a professional career advisor.  Joining us is Liana Amiraghyan, a career guidance advisor from Armenia and Florian Kadletz, an expert in career guidance from the European Training Foundation.

Host: Maria Lvova Zolotarevskaya

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