Video pedagogy

Teachers getting ready for video pedagogy

The European Training Foundation has organised a training on video pedagogy in Albania, in partnership with Swiss Contact and the national vocational education and training agency. Twelve teachers and trainers from Albania, plus six coming from Serbia, Moldova and Macedonia have attended the course, aimed at learning how to use and exploit video in their vocational education and training activities.

It's not the first time for the European Training Foundation to take a leading role in video pedagogy: indeed, the agency has published a considerable research in the field, which aims to explain what is distinctive and effective about teaching and learning through and with video. The study provides a research-grounded and, at the same time, practice-oriented overview of how video can contribute in three contexts of vocational education: teacher training and professional development, school-based learning, and corporate training.

The seminar organised in Albania comes from the awareness that it is now time to share findings of the research and put them into practice. Success stories from Turkey, Moldova and Israel are included in the guide, so as to support the sharing of best practices among different countries and to examine how the development of video pedagogy is being supported by policy makers and practitioners.

The research has been published and will be translated into Albanian, Macedonian, Romanian and Serbian.

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