Skills & Qualifications: Benefits for People

Policymakers and practitioners from the ETF partner countries will gather with representatives from the European Union institutions and international organisations, and renowned international experts in the skills and qualifications field in Turin, at the Lingotto Congress Centre. 

Most European Training Foundation (ETF) partner countries now have National Qualification Frameworks in place and are modernising their qualification systems. At this conference, and through a new ETF publication, how countries’ reforms of qualifications and systems are affecting learning and teaching, career guidance and assessment will be analysed. By looking at the benefits of policies and practices for people, ways will sought on how these can be maximised exploring also successful practices and tools. 

Three core questions are at the heart of discussions: how do people know about skills and qualifications? What types of skills and qualifications do they need? Moreover, how do they acquire them? 

The event will include a ‘City of Practice’ hosting of successful practices from the ETF partner. Eleven stands, divided into four districts will focus on: information and guidance on Skills and Qualifications; the changing role of teachers; blended learning; and Vocational Training and Lifelong learning. 

The event will be in English, with French and Russian interpretation in all sessions. 

Proceedings of the event will be broadcast throughout the ETF social media channels so be sure to stay tuned! 

More information about the conference:!mB93gy

Web streaming (will start on 6th November):!um84bV 

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