ETF – a new chapter begins

Today marks a big change for the European Training Foundation (ETF) with ETF Director Cesare Onestini leaving the floor to newly appointed Director ad interim, Xavier Matheu.

Having led the ETF for almost five years, Mr Onestini moves to the European Council as new Director-General for Agriculture, Fisheries, Social Affairs and Health. Today Xavier Matheu takes over the helm, and will build on his lengthy experience at the agency: he joined in 2004 as an expert in vocational education and training reform and went on to lead on the ETF’s strategic development . In 2021, he became Head of the Knowledge Hub Department and worked on co-creation, management and sharing of knowledge on human capital development.

On his departure, Mr Onestini highlighted one of his main achievements as taking the ETF’s work to the next level, with a new strategy that will drive the organisation until at least 2027. “The ETF is quite unique as an agency”, he said. “This is particularly visible in its work on skills beyond the EU, beyond the neighbourhood and especially towards Africa, beyond vocational education and training and towards upskilling and reskilling, but also towards a lifelong learning approach”.

Newly appointed Director ad interim, Mr Matheu, thanked Mr Onestini for his leadership and emphasized his solid legacy. “I’m fully committed to achieving our plans and new strategy during my term as Director ad interim. This is boosted by recent positive feedback from the newly appointed chair of the European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee, Dragos Pislaru, and from encouraging observations from our partners in the European Commission”.

Learn more about ETF Director ad interim, Xavier Matheu

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