Empowering women to achieve their full potential through entrepreneurship

On International Women's Day, find out more what it takes for women to become entrepreneurs and how the ETF supports women's entrepreneurship.

The ETF is proud to support International Women’s Day.

Helping women achieve their full potential is an important pillar of the ETF’s work with partner countries.

When people can contribute to their full potential, societies benefit and economies grow. As women are severely under-represented in the workforce, their potential contribution is often lost.

Entrepreneurship is one route for women, but it can be a very challenging journey. In many countries, women face difficulties accessing training, financing and business-support opportunities because of a variety of educational, cultural and institutional factors.

Working to improve the policy environment so that women entrepreneurs can thrive is central to the support that the ETF provides to partner countries.

Through Small Business Act for Europe assessments, the ETF supports partner countries to promote women’s entrepreneurship, improve access to training, finance, and develop policy support tools. When women fulfil their potential through work, there are positive results not only for the economy, but also for families and societies.

Find out more about how women’s entrepreneurship and the ETF’s role in helping women achieve their potential in this short film, launched today to mark International Women’s Day.


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