Webinar – Factsheets on Digital Skills and Competence, and Digital and Online Learning in VET in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

The multilingual webinar presents the preliminary findings of three ETF studies focusing on facts and evidence on policies and practices on digital skills and competence, and digital and on-line learning in VET in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The webinar is delivered in five languages (simultaneous interpretation): English, Georgian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian.

YouTube recording in English is open for public at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=268reTAUibY

Also you can visit VoiceBoxer to listen to the Webinar in Georgian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian at the following link https://event.voiceboxer.com/playback/czcf5h (Please note that you should select your preferred language from the drop down Menu "Language")


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DSC DOL Webinar Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine - Agenda and PPTs 09/10/2019
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