Training for the staff of the National Qualifications Agency of Ukraine

ETF has been supporting reforms of qualifications systems in Ukraine since 2010. We were involved in the development of the first occupational standards, the first exposure to NQFs and the Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning. We organised many seminars and study visits and international meetings where Ukrainians have had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with European developments linked to the conceptualisation, development and implementation of qualification systems.

Since 2016 and the preparation and adoption of the Implementation Plan for the NQF 2016-2020, ETF has increased its involvement in monitoring and supporting the implementation of the Implementation Plan, legislative reforms, and new institutional settings, in particular around the agency for qualifications.  We have commissioned background research organised several seminars and study visits that have been dedicated to the role of the agency, the establishment of the register of qualifications and a national NQS website. Moreover, we have been looking into the development of a system of independent assessment of qualifications, including the development of assessment standards from occupational standards, the link to regulated professions and to the validation of non-formal and informal learning.

We have worked intensively on the linkages between occupational standards, assessment standards, educational standards, educational programmes and modular training programmes.

In all the years that we cooperated with Ukraine, we have tried to be inclusive working with stakeholders from employers, ministries, the Verkhovna Rada, education providers, experts, trade unions and non-governmental organisations and international partners.

We never had doubts about the potential of Ukrainian stakeholders and institutions to bring these issues forward, in spite of the fact that there have always been issues of lack of coordination, fragmentation and lack of resources. We are very proud that we could be part in these developments and we see the establishment of the national qualifications agency, as an important step to implement the new qualification system, to develop a competency-based education system and to facilitate lifelong learning and better recognition and quality assurance of Ukrainian qualifications.

The establishment of NAK comes at a key moment, when the implementation of a large EU project for the modernisation of vocational education is starting that will provide more opportunities to raise the capacities of the new agency.

The training in Torino is meant to take you out of your daily environments and bring you together to ETF to discuss the establishment and development of NAK. We would like to use the training to clarify key issues linked to the tasks of NAK, to identify priorities for 2019-2020 in view of making NAK operational and visible at an early stage.

We have invited colleagues from 3 other Qualifications Agencies to share their experience with you. We hope you will leave Torino with new energy and a clear sense of direction for your pioneering work.

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