Torino Process 2019 discussion meeting in Kosovo

Around 40 participants took part in the event organised in Prishtina on 31/1/2019 with the participation of public and private sector and international donors’ representatives. The event was chaired by Valbona Fetiu-Mjeku, Acting Head of the VET Department at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Opening statements were made by: a) the Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology Heset Sahiti as to the importance of VET as one of the top priorities of the Government of Kosovo, as a key to the country economic development; b) Arlinda Beka, Advisor to the Minister of Education, Science and Technology and Torino Process National Coordinator, who stressed on the importance of the recommendations included in the Torino Process report to help the implementation of the system reform; and c) by Carmo Gomes, Head of the ETF’s Country Intelligence Unit, who thanked all the partners involved in this first phase of data gathering and analysis, which will allow the ETF to proceed with the assessment of the Kosovo VET system, looking at its strengths and weaknesses, and at how to address eventual gaps and challenges.

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Flash Report TRP Kosovo 31 January 2019