SELFIE Pilot Azerbaijan preliminary findings dissemination event

One of the strategic priorities identified in National Strategy on Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan is establishing education infrastructure which provides modern lifelong education. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan implements policy actions for enhancing application of modern and innovative education technologies in all levels of education.

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan expressed its interest to pilot SELFIE and the Bureau on ICT for Education, under the Ministry of Education, was appointed as the coordinating body. SELFIE is an initiative of the European Commission that aims to support the innovative use of digital technologies in teaching and learning in primary, secondary general and vocational schools, and development of digital competences of learners.

SELFIE guides schools in a self-reflection process involving school leaders, teachers and students on how they could integrate and effectively use digital technologies for teaching, learning and student assessments. The SELFIE questionnaire explores a set of areas, including leadership, infrastructure and equipment, continuing professional development, teaching and learning, assessment practices and the digital competence of students.

The pilot on SELFIE in Azerbaijan was launched in May 2021 in 12 schools to enable the school's self-assessment and further strategic planning of use of digital technology in teaching, learning and assessment. Pilot outcomes have been analysed, at school and system level, to formulate recommendations how SELFIE tool could be (ì) effectively used in schools and (ii) scaled up and integrated in the national education system.

Results are collected in a paper-free, interactive report. At system level, SELFIE offers, through anonymous, aggregated data, an overview of the digital readiness of the school system in Azerbaijan.

The objectives of this dissemination online event are:

- To inform on progress of the SELFIE project in Europe and the pilot in Azerbaijan

- To discuss the findings from SELFIE pilot in Azerbaijan with the involved stakeholders

- To discuss on future plan of SELFIE in Azerbaijan

Participants will include national stakeholders involved in the project, primarily from the Ministries of Education and VET national agencies, together with school managers and educators involved in the pilot; students will be also invited to the meeting.

The event will be designed in a participatory format in order to facilitate engaging discussion with the participants and receive inputs to the report to be possibly incorporated in the final version This event and the subsequent results of pilot of SELFIE will inform national policymakers for a broader/system-wide view of SELFIE within national education and training systems.

The event will be in English/Azerbaijani with simultaneous interpretation.

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