Peer learning and networking event on validation of non-formal and informal learning

Validation of non-formal and informal learning is an important element of lifelong learning policies. It allows for identification, documentation assessment and certification of skills that individuals acquired outside of education systems, through work life, civic engagements or hobbies. The certificates issued through validation can support mobility in education or on the labour market. The ETF Partner Countries have engaged in development of their national validation systems, often inspired by the European policies1 and linking validation to newly established qualifications frameworks. ETF has been monitoring these developments since 2018 with a periodic inventory on VNFIL. In the period 2021-2023 ETF studied the validation systems in sixteen Partner Countries2. The inventory gave us a good overview of the stage of development, features of validation systems, issues that create bottlenecks in scaling up validation systems as well as potential success factors. The proposed event aims at creating an informal network among ETF partner countries and enabling peer learning opportunities in support of further advancement of the validation systems. It will be organised in Türkiye where a robust certification system has been created (over 2 million certificates issued so far) and will include inputs from the Turkish Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) and study visits to the selected Authorised Certification Bodies.

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