Peer-learning Activity (PLA) - Partnership between companies and VET schools in the framework of Work-Based Learning in Sweden

The event addresses VET policy makers and employer organisations from Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine involved in the ETF regional project on work-based learning in VET (‘Skills Connexion’). This three-year project aims to promote policy development and implementation of work-based learning in Eastern Europe and Kazakhstan. This event is organised by the ETF with the support of the Swedish National Agency for Education and the National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. During the peer-learning activity participants from the countries concerned will have the opportunity to learn from the experience of Sweden in the development of apprenticeships and other forms of work-based learning in VET.
The focus of the Peer- Learning Activity (PLA) is on:
Cooperation between companies and VET schools, contractual as well as informal;
Role of employer organisations, trade unions and intermediary bodies in organisation of apprenticeship and other forms of work-based learning;
Strategies to improve stakeholders’ co-operation at various levels;
Ways to promote work-based learning and practical implementation mechanisms.
This event is the fourth of a series of the Peer Learning Activities planned for 2015 and 2017 with the objective to learn from the examples of the EU countries as well as from interesting practice in the Eastern Partnership region and Kazakhstan.