Mapping of digital skills & competence and digital & online learning in VET in Azerbaijan

The aim of the webinar is to present the preliminary findings of the mapping of policies and initiatives in four interlinked areas: provision of digital skills and competence (DSC) for VET learners (section 1) and VET teachers (section 2), and the use of digital and online learning (DOL)1 in IVET (section 3) and CVET (section 4) in Azerbaijan.

In Azerbaijan a set of transversal digital skills are taught to all VET learners to ensure a minimum level of digital competence, with VET system offering a set of programmes for ICT occupations. Access and quality of digital skills provision goes together with the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning and rely on the digital skills of VET teachers.

In most of the ETF partner countries it has been noticed the COVID19 crisis has compelled teachers to switch to DOL instructional methods. As result, we can reasonably expect digital skills and competences becoming more critical for learners and teachers with a more systematic use of information and communication technologies in teaching and learning.

The mapping outcomes will be presented by the ETF and the national expert who have performed the desk research in close cooperation with relevant national authorities and will be followed by a discussion of priorities to improve the digital capacity of VET and the provision of digital skills.

The event will be followed by the publication of the national factsheet in English and in the national language, available on the ETF website. The factsheet could inform policymakers, national stakeholders, EU institutions and international donors future interventions and strategy to promote digital education reforms, relevant to VET systems in Azerbaijan.

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