The EU support to VET modernisation in Azerbaijan: sharing experiences from VET school development grants

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is supporting the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan with the content and methodological advice for the EU Education Support Programme in the period 2017 - 2019. The overall objective of the monitoring exercise 2017-2019 is to gather evidence and information on the progress of the EU support to the VET sector, in particular with regard to the Action Grants, and provide recommendations for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of the grants.
Following the first monitoring mission in 2017, the specific objective of the 2018 monitoring exercise is to gather information on the state of play of the grants, and analyse progress, with a focus on key priorities that the grants should address, including:
- School management and school development
- Cooperation with private sector, curriculum development and teacher training
- Labour market survey and its contribution to skills matching
The workshop also aims at discussing common challenges that the grants have encountered in their implementation, jointly discuss and share how these challenges have been addressed (including the identification of good practice) and draw recommendations on the future implementation of the grants.
Participants in the workshop will include representatives from government institutions, the Ministry of Education, the State Agency for Vocational Education, the organisations implementing Action Grants, VET schools, the EU Delegation and the ETF.
The workshop is part of the European Vocational Skills Week, and the objective is to promote the value of VET. There are great vocational training opportunities that successfully prepare people for interesting and challenging careers, as well as active engagement in society. Quality training develops the creative and innovative potential of learners. Upskilling and reskilling throughout life is key to improved job opportunities and better integration in society. Lifelong learning enhances social inclusion, diversity, and active citizenship.