The EU Education Support Programme in Azerbaijan: monitoring mission to the VET school grant in Barda

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is supporting the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan with content and methodological advice for the EU Education Support Programme in the period 2017 - 2019. The overall objective of the monitoring exercise 2017-2019 is to gather evidence and information on the progress of the EU support to the VET sector, in particular the Action Grants, and provide recommendations for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of the grants.
Following the first monitoring visit of the grant in Ismayli region in October 2017, this monitoring mission has the objective to gather information and explore the state of play of the Action Grant ‘Modernization of Barda Vocational Lyceum (BVET)’. The monitoring mission will be an opportunity to discuss progress and draw key recommendations for the EU Delegation and the grant representatives, for the future implementation of the grant.
The objective of this Action Grant is to modernize vocational education and training in BVET by enhancing quality, equality, relevance and access in line with European standards and practices. The main target groups of the Action are (1) management team and teachers of BVET; (2) current and prospective students and (3) private sector and employers interested in BVET’s graduates.
Participants in the mission will include representatives from national authorities, the implementing organisation, grant representatives, the VET school concerned, the EU Delegation and the ETF.