ETF Network for Excellence - GRETA - Greening responses to Excellence through thematic actions - Deep Dive into Green Training Programmes

Within the ETF Network for Excellence, GRETA – Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions - supports CoVEs and VET providers in their greening processes. 
In the current phase of GRETA, six online Thematic Webinars are organised from June – January 2023 aiming to present and share good practices in relation to specific themes.  

The fourth thematic session, taking place 27 October, will take a ‘deep dive’ into green training programmes and examine more closely how the content of vocational and educational training can contribute to a successful green transition. In a global context, VET plays a key role in fostering the knowledge, skills and innovation that will enable workers as well as enterprises to shape and transform their practices towards greater sustainability. 

On this background, the development of green training programmes (including the greening of existing training programmes) is essential, since they represent the educational activities and learning targets that determine what green skills are passed on to VET students. These skills may encompass technical skills relevant to specific technologies and processes key to the green transition. However, since the greening of jobs is cutting across occupations and sectors, green skills are also those needed to help adapt traditional occupations to the new green paradigm. 

Knowledge to go from the fourth Thematic session in GRETA: 

- Knowledge on green skills and VET’s strategic role for the green transition 

- Examples of green training programmes

- Awareness of curricula and training programme building blocks

Interpretation is provided in Ukrainian, Turkish and French. 

You will find more information in the agenda below.


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Agend of GRETA webinar on Green training programmes