ENE Entrepreneurial COVEs - Webinar 4 - Business start-ups: how can COVEs support?

The Partnership of Entrepreneurial Centers of Vocational Excellence (Entrepreneurial CoVEs) works on developing Entrepreneurship as a key competence in a life-long learning perspective. The project promotes knowledge sharing, peer learning and collaboration of CoVEs with a view to help them improve their performances. Currently active CoVEs are from Georgia, Moldova, Morocco, Tunisia, and Azerbaijan. More details on the Partnership are available at: Entrepreneurial centres of vocational excellence | ETF (europa.eu)

As first step the Partnership developed a conceptual framework and a reflection tool. The conceptual framework sets the theoretical frame of the concept of entrepreneurial CoVE around four dimensions: a) Organisational Practices; b) Teaching and Learning Processes; c) Products and Services; d) Ecosystem. Based on the conceptual framework, a reflection tool was developed to support CoVEs to reflect on their journey of becoming more entrepreneurial. The tool guides CoVE teams to critically reflect on their own practices, identify their strong areas, the areas they can improve, and plan their own development strategies. The reflection tool was completed by the participating CoVEs in consultation with CARDET Team. Based on the findings of the reflection exercise, four common areas for improvement emerged:

  1. Digitalisation, and Digital Strategy
  2. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and women entrepreneurship
  3. Business incubators and support to Start-Ups
  4. Collaboration with international end European stakeholders

As a next step, four webinars are offered with the aim to present and share good practices to the members of the consortium (CoVEs) in each of the four topics above. In this fourth webinar the focus will be on how CoVEs can support Business Start-Ups, including: a) specific training approaches and modalities, b) cooperation with other stakeholders, c) Financial mechanisms etc. The agenda is structured in a way where all the CoVeS will be participating interactively in the discussion. Another aim of the webinars is to function as a platform for collaboration and synergies among the participants.

For more infos on the Enterpreneurial CoVEs Partnership please contact Mariavittoria Garlappi, Project Coordinator at ETF: mvg@etf.europa.eu.

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