Developing and Sharing Excellence on Digitalisation of Teaching and Learning - Webinar on Digital Pedagogies

We are pleased to inform you that the ENE initiative on Digitalisation is organising a webinar dedicated to Digital Pedagogies on 31 May 2022 from 11.00 to 14.30 CEST.

DIGI ENE is one of the initiatives launched in the context of the ETF Network of Excellence.
The overall objective of the initiative is to show how digital teaching and learning can efficiently increase students’ learning, presenting tools and methodologies, and supporting participating Centres of Excellence in integrating them in their working environment.

This webinar will focus on digital teaching and learning practices.

The webinar on Digital Pedagogies will have the following objectives:
- present approaches to teaching for effective technology integration into education; 
- open a platform for discussion and transnational learning among members
of the network;  
- enhance reflection on the role of technology inside the school environment.

The online event will be in English with interpretation in French and Russian.

It is open to ETF Network for Excellence members.

If you are interested in taking part to the event, please contact: and

For more information, see the attached agenda.

For more information about DIGI ENE initiative, please click on: Digitalisation in education and the role of Centres of Excellence | Open Space (

More information

Agenda of DIGI ENE event on 31 May 2022
Agenda DIGI ENE event on 31 May 2022 FR
Agenda DIGI ENE event on 31 May 2022 RU