​​Advancing validation of non-formal and informal learning – results of the ETF Inventory in Partner Countries​

As an essential element of any lifelong learning system, validation of non-formal and informal learning gives visibility to skills which people acquired through life. It is a service that offers individuals an alternative pathway to a certification. Formal recognition of skills can improve the position of individuals in the labour market and create additional learning opportunities.  

Recognising the potential of validation, ETF Partner Countries have accelerated reforms aiming at opening the services for validation of non-formal and informal learning. ETF has been monitoring these developments and this webinar will present the stage of the development of validation arrangements in 16 ETF Partner Countries studied in the period from 2021 to 2023.  

The findings summarise the advancement in policies, regulations and practices and shed light on the extent to which the validation services are available and used by individuals. The webinar will be an opportunity to discuss the positive drivers, key challenges, and factors that influence the advancement of validation systems. Selected practices from the ETF Partner Countries, EU Member States and European projects will be presented to stimulate reflection on the potential steps ahead.  

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