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Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan


The ETF has been supporting Kazakhstan since 1995 in education and training development to boost employability, increase access to opportunity and promote social cohesion complementing the work of the European Commission and the EU’s External Action Service, including responding to requests from the Delegation of the European Union to Kazakhstan.

Within the context of the Torino Process, the ETF supports the engagement and interaction of key stakeholders (Ministry of Labour, Workforce Development Centre, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”, the Information Analytical Centre under the Ministry of Education and Science). In addition, peer exchanges and learning among Torino Process team members from different partner countries will be facilitated during the Eastern Partnership regional Torino Process meeting (to which representatives from Central Asian countries will be invited) and the Central Asian regional meeting (to which representatives of Eastern Partnership teams will be invited).  The ETF shares updates on the latest EU level developments in VET as well as EU and ETF partner country good practice.

As a follow-up to the multi-country public-private partnership study conducted in 2018-2019, the ETF contributes to the OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report for Kazakhstan. 


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