Kotayk Regional State College

Kotayk State Regional College under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport is a multifunctional institution that provides vocational education. It was established in 1966 and has a history of 54 years. 
Professors of good quality teach at the college, six of whom are also the authors of manuals and scientific research.
The professors' and administrative staff are often requalified in retraining courses held by the German GIZ organization, Mkuzak, the British Council, which futher enhances their professional quality.
Full-time, part-time, as well as distance learning courses are held at the college within the scope of modular and interactive methods. 
The college is committed to graduates' employment and cooperates with Hrazdan Regional Employment Center as well as with the local enterprises and hotel complexeswith which the college has signed a contract for practical experience of its students.
Entrance to the college is based on general and full secondary education depending on the profession. Some 80% of the students get free education. There is a rotation system allowing students who make good progress to move from paid to the free educational system.
Students also have the opportunity to continue their studies at higher educational institutes, at the next level. 
Special importance is given to the organization of students active life where they can in engage in various artistic, cultural and sporting events at the college. 
Due to investment in traditional advanced technologies as well as achievement in targeted experimental and innovative programs, the college has become a multifunctional regional center, that undertakes the role of the leadership and distributor of educational reforms providing qualified specialists suitable for the demands of the labour market.