Electrotechnical college

The Public state company “Electrotechnical College” of the Department of Education of the East Kazakhstan Regional Akimat is a legal entity having the legal status of a state company. The college was founded in 1995. Sarpekov Azat Tolkynovich is the Director.
The total area of the college is 6610 m2, including the educational area - 4812 m2.
The college has 100 teaching staff, 100% full-time.
The number of students is currently 900 people. The language of instruction is Russian.
According to the state educational standards, there are 46 classrooms in the college (of which 13 classes programmed training), 5 laboratory specialized complexes, 7 combined production laboratory workshops.
The object of activity of the Electrotechnical college is educational activity in the field of technical and vocational education on the basis of the license issued in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The major activity of the college is the provision of educational services by programs of technical and vocational education in accordance with the state order.
College education is conducted on the basis of secondary and general secondary education. Electrotechnical College carries out training of specialists for the state educational order and on a contractual basis.
The college has stable contractual relationships with businesses and organizations of the city, region, which allows you to organize practice in all professions and specialties.
More than 50 enterprises of the city and region are social partners and five enterprises are permanent bases of practice for students of Electrotechnical College.