Inspirational practice on skills and qualifications

People are the driving force of success and benefits.

Each 'journey', selected from an ETF open call for success stories that brought over 450 responses, has been chartered in a short film by the ETF. Their success in developing skills and qualifications and benefits to people is due to the commitment and inspiration of those involved. These inspiring practices emanate from the ETF partner countries and were selected to showcase at the ETF’s Corporate Conference ‘Skills and qualifications: Benefits for people’ held on 6‒7 November 2019 in Turin. 

The films of the practices, briefly outlined below, can be viewed on the ETF Open Space and the ETF's YouTube channel.

The Lebanese Training Centre (LTC) offers training for employees, entrepreneurs and family business owners to update their skills and get better in their jobs. Students at Mihajlo Pupin school in Serbia make toys from the electrical components of old circuit boards, and sell them at student fairs increasing their environmental awareness. A second Serbian practice shows how students develop entrepreneurship with community support and get to pitch on television!  Georgia offers two outstanding practices: a Community College career guidance manager who connects with employers to increase scholarship and employment opportunities for her students; and, The Work Skills Development programme brings schools lively classes, teaching real tasks, actions and roles of dozens of professions. Meanwhile, innovative learning and guidance with employers stars in VET school No. 98 in Kyrgyzstan which offers enterprise-oriented dual education and training for young students and adults. And, virtual reality is centre stage at an energy company in Ukraine deploying stimulating training for its staff which is greatly attracting young people!

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