Green skills award 2023

Green Skills Award 2023 winners


The Green Skills Award is a global initiative that was first introduced in 2021. It provides ideas and inspiration from all over the world about innovation happening thanks to individuals and institutions. This initiative has become a source of good practices that can inspire people everywhere to make real change happen in creating circular and carbon-neutral economies and societies.

The 10 finalists of ETF Green Skills Award 2023 are listed below, in alphabetical order. The public was invited to cast their vote for the winner (some 6,000 votes received), and a  group of experts from different international organisations subsequently selected the second and third place winners. Here are the winners of the Green Skills Award 2023.

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Tumo Labs

location pin  Armenia

TUMO Labs for Creative Technologies in Armenia offers free education through its after-school programme. The ClimateNet project, developed by TUMO Labs, has established a climate change observatory project involving intergenerational participation, empowering young people to track and raise awareness of environmental and climate change through weather stations, fostering green skills and systemic change in the country.
Well done, TUMO Labs!






location pin  Georgia

Construct2, a vocational college in Georgia established through a public-private partnership, offers specialised programmes that cater to the needs of the construction sector. With a focus on sustainability, Construct2 has successfully trained bricklayers in the use of aerated concrete blocks, leading to high employment rates for graduates and driving the adoption of these eco-friendly building materials in the Georgian construction industry.
Great work, Construct2!  






Carbon Addons

location pin  Indonesia

Carbon Academy, a youth-led initiative by Carbon Addons in Indonesia, offers a learning platform for youth and young professionals. The academy provides mentorship, supports sustainable business ideas, and fosters green career development to empower learners and enable them to become climate changemakers. Now expanding globally through partnerships, Carbon Academy aims to create accessible, high-quality climate education and contribute to building a sustainable and resilient future.
An impressive initiative!



Carbon Addons



E-waste management 

location pin  Kenya

The project called "Promoting Demand-Driven Skills in E-waste Management and Recycling in Kenya" aims to address the challenges posed by e-waste. Currently, only 1% of e-waste generated annually in Kenya is recycled, leading to environmental pollution. The project focuses on building the capacity of local institutions to train technicians with the necessary skills to process and manage e-waste. Through the development of a curriculum, equipment provision, and training, the project has successfully created employment opportunities for young Kenyans while addressing the environmental and health concerns associated with improper e-waste disposal. The project's approach and outcomes make it a leading model for sustainable e-waste management initiatives globally.
An outstanding project, congratulations!



E-Waste Management



Zero waste initiative 

location pin  Lebanon

Lebanon is grappling with a severe waste management issue characterised by piling waste and environmental pollution. To combat this, a public school educator, Faten Sleem, launched a 'zero waste' initiative, focusing on education to empower students and the wider community. The project is establishing a model for waste reduction and inspire other schools and communities. The methodology involves developing a waste reduction plan, promoting reusable containers, collaborating with local businesses and parents, involving students in awareness campaigns, and establishing partnerships with local farmers and NGOs. They have achieved reduced waste generation, promoted sustainable behaviours, developed leadership skills, and improved the school's environmental footprint.
Really exciting results!



Zero waste initiative



Bouregreg Med-O-Med Gardening School by FUNCI

location pin  Morocco with Spain

The Bouregreg Med-O-Med Gardening School is a vocational training centre in Salé, Morocco, aiming to provide green employment opportunities for marginalised young people. Managed by FUNCI-Morocco, it offers free training and focuses on ecological gardening practices. The school is located on a rehabilitated landfill site and promotes sustainable development strategies in alignment with national environmental policies. With a three-year curriculum, it trains up to 90 learners annually and supports their integration into the job market. The school also serves as an environmental education centre for the public and generates income through plant production and various activities.



The Bouregreg Med-O-Med Gardening School morocco



The Green Art Incubator

location pin  Serbia

The Green Art Incubator initiative has two main goals. 
Firstly, to promote ecologically sustainable management philosophies and work procedures within the culture and arts sector. They do this through education and capacity building, with over 80 cultural professionals from 40 different organisations that have already started implementing green concepts into their daily operations. Secondly, they redefine the social role of culture as an agent of change in the context of climate change mitigation. They have received support from various institutions and are now involved in research and international partnerships to promote green practices in the world of arts. This initiative has genuinely sparked a dialogue and raised awareness about the role of arts and culture in addressing environmental challenges.
Keep up your outstanding work!



The green art incubator



Birsen Tanrikulu, teacher

location pin  Türkiye

Over the course of five years, Birsen Tanrikulu, a teacher from Türkiye, has focused on promoting green skills and sustainability through eTwinning and Erasmus+ projects. She has focused on introducing the recycling and digital practices into the curricula, developing the green skills of the pupils. Following the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, Birsen empowers the students to embrace the knowledge, skills and values of the three ‘pillars’ of sustainable development: society, environment and economy.



Birsen Tanrikulu, teacher



Taras Shevchenko National University

location pin  Ukraine

The Department of Environmental Management and Entrepreneurship from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv trains a new generation of professionals equipped with green competences. They have developed a range of courses and educational materials focused on ecological economics, green business, and environmental management. They also ensure practical experiences for all students in companies, providing them with employment opportunities to contribute to the green transition in Ukraine, which has not stopped despite the Russian aggression.
Congratulations to our colleagues from Ukraine for this innovative approach. We are happy to have you among our finalists.



Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv




location pin USA with Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zimbabwe

We Care Solar is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on providing distributed renewable energy solutions to remote communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. We Care Solar offers Solar Suitcases, which replace fossil fuel sources of lighting and provide clean, sustainable energy to rural health facilities and schools. The organisation actively promotes women's empowerment by recruiting and training African women in solar skills and providing them with green employment. Through their programmes, they have served millions of people, improved health workers’ conditions, and trained technicians in installation and maintenance.




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