Five teachers from ETF partner countries nominated finalists for the Global Teacher Prize 2020

As the ETF’s mapping of the impact of COVID-19 on education and training in our partner countries has revealed, one of the biggest challenges of distance learning during the pandemic has been to keep learners engaged. 

In our multilingual webinar yesterday speakers from the European Union and its neighbouring regions shared experiences of how teachers surpassed expectations during the pandemic to facilitate learner activity, retain student engagement and boost their motivation and interaction.

It is not surprising then that five teachers from the ETF’s partner countries have been nominated as finalists in this year's Global Teachers Prize 2020. Teachers from Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia each present unique practices in student outreach, social inclusion, the use of creative teaching methods, often exploiting digital channels and tools, to connect to a wider community of teachers and students to overcome isolation and further support learning.

Read more about the five finalists from the ETF partner countries together with the other finalists from all parts of the globe.






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