distance learning

Teachers play an important role in boosting learners’ engagement in education affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

One of the biggest challenges of the distance learning during the COVID-19 crisis is to keep learners engaged. 

The lack of person-to-person contacts, the difficulties of communication on digital devices, the need to self-organise can become additional challenges for the learners to absorb new information and keep track of the learning process.

The teachers’ role becomes crucial as for making sure that the learners stay engaged and do not loose their motivation.

Some of the potential solutions to problems of ensuring and increasing learner activity, interaction and collaboration for distance and face-to-face learning have been presented at the webinar organised by the European Training Foundation that took place on 24th September 2020.

The speakers from the European Union and its neighbourhood will share their practical tips & tricks for teachers to facilitate learner activity, to boost their motivation and interaction.

To see the full recording of the webinar:

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