Webinar of ETF Forum for Quality Assurance in VET: Assessment of teachers' and trainers' performance

The Forum for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (QA Forum) of the European Training Foundation held a webinar dedicated to the assessment of teachers’ and trainers’ performance. 

ETF QA Forum is a transnational collaboration initiative between national institutions with VET quality assurance mandates in ETF’s partner countries. The aim of the Forum is to support member countries to modernise and improve quality assurance in VET.

The policy area of teachers and trainers can be approached from different perspectives: becoming a teacher or a trainer, developing their competences and assessing their performance. The webinar focused on the latter aspect.

Most of the ETF partner counties are reforming their systems by adopting outcome-based learning approaches, new learning/training modalities involving employers (WBL), modular systems etc. These reforms are not only impacting the work of trainers and teachers but they are changing their roles.

Moreover, changing teaching and learning environments, as well as the changing needs of the labour market mean that VET teachers need to continuously develop their skills. Finally, VET teachers have to exploit new approaches to teaching, such as the use of virtual/augmented reality.  

Without a proper assessment of teachers and trainers performance, their needs in terms of continuous professional development and the support they might require to fulfil their duties can hardly be identified and addressed.

You find more information on the webinar on the ETF Open Space platform: ETF webinar on assessment of teachers' and trainers' performance | Open Space (europa.eu)

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