Torino Process: Towards Lifelong Learning - National launch meeting

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an active participant in the Torino Process - a biannual assessment of vocational education and training conducted jointly by the European Training Foundation (ETF) and its partner countries since 2010. The current round of the Torino Process specifically centers on monitoring the performance of VET in providing opportunities for lifelong learning (Torino Process Level 1), and on reviewing policies and practices which may influence that performance (Torino Process Level 2).

This event will present and discuss the monitoring results for Bosnia and Hercegovina and, together with national and international stakeholders, will launch the Torino Process review of policies for lifelong learning in your country and discuss its scope.

The meeting has the following objectives:

  1. Present the monitoring results for Bosnia and Hercegovina; 
  2. Discuss these results in view of planning the policy review; 
  3. Discuss and agree on the different aspects of work-based learning as a theme for the policy review, which was chosen at the Torino Process launch meeting in November 2022 in Sarajevo;
  4. Identify stakeholders (institutions) for a reference group which will oversee the review process.

More information

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