Torino Process: Towards Lifelong Learning - National launch meeting

Armenia is an active participant in the new round of the Torino Process, which the European Training Foundation (ETF) has launched with a specific focus on monitoring the performance of education and training systems in a lifelong learning perspective, and on reviewing policies for lifelong learning.   

This event will present and discuss the results of Torino Process monitoring of policy and system performance of VET in Armenia, and it will launch the Torino Process review of policies for lifelong learning in Armenia as a follow-up stage of engagement in the Process. 

The meeting will have the following objectives:  

  1. To present the new Torino Process methodology and modality of implementation; 

  1. To present and discuss the preliminary results of the level 1 (monitoring system performance) and the related possible gaps as input to the level 2 (review of lifelong learning policy); 

  1. Review of LLL policies (level 2): to discuss and agree on the different aspects of “Access and attractiveness” to focus the analysis on, as well as the calendar and modality of implementation; 

  1. to identify the stakeholders (institutions) for the reference group according to the selected thematic priority areas.