Torino Process 2022-24 - National dissemination event

Armenia is an active participant in the new round of the Torino Process, which the European Training Foundation (ETF) has launched with a specific focus on monitoring the performance of education and training systems in a lifelong learning perspective, and on reviewing policies for lifelong learning. 

This event will present the Torino Process review of policies for lifelong learning in Armenia as a follow-up stage of engagement in the Process.

The meeting will have the following objectives:

1.     To present and discuss the main findings of the review of LLL policies in Armenia with a focus on VET access and attractiveness;

2.     To discuss the relevance of the proposed recommendations and envisage concrete ways for their implementation.

More information

Draft Full Report “Torino Process Level 2: Review of policies for lifelong learning in Armenia 2023”
Executive Summary: Review of policies for lifelong learning in Armenia, Torino Process 2023
Recommendations Fiches
Presentation - Lifelong learning policy review findings