Torino Process 2018-2020 in Armenia: Preparing for tomorrow’s skills

The Torino Process is an evidence-informed analysis of Human Capital Development (HCD) issues and VET policies responses in the ETF partner countries. The process, launched by the ETF for the first time in 2010, enters in its fifth round of implementation that will be completed in the period 2019-2020.

Following the preparation of the national report, based on the National Reporting Framework, and of the ETF assessment, this workshop will have the primary objective to present and disseminate key findings and recommendations, representing the main outcomes of the process.

Specific objectives of the workshop are the following:

  • Share with participants the key findings and recommendations of the National Report (based on NRF) and of the ETF assessment;
  • Discuss in detail identified recommendations;
  • Identify and agree specific actions to address the recommendations (both short quick-wins and long-term actions).
    The expected outcome is an agreed set of strategic and concrete action-oriented recommendations.

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Agenda Torino Process 2018-2020 in Armenia: Preparing for tomorrow’s skills
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