Stakeholders Forum on Migrant Support Measures from Employment and Skills Perspective (MISMES)

In 2016 - 2017 the ETF has conducted an inventory of ‘Migrant Support Measures from Employment and Skills Perspective’ (MISMES) in Jordan, as part of support provided to the European Union (EU). The inventory is one of the seven inventories carried out in countries surrounding the EU and that have signed Mobility Partnership with the EU, upon the request of the European Commission. Jordan signed the Mobility Partnership with the EU on 9 October 2014. The inventory is a review of existing migrant support measures aimed to increase the labour market integration and reduce the skills underutilisation of migrants and refugees. In particular, the MISMES inventory in Jordan included policies and measures targeting three specific groups:
• Jordanian potential emigrants, expatriates and returnees
• Foreign immigrant workers in Jordan
• Asylum seekers/ refugees in Jordan
This event was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour as well as with the support of the EU Delegation in Amman. Planned as a ‘Stakeholders Forum’, it had the overall objective to increase awareness on the employment and skills aspects of migration within the EU-Jordan Mobility Partnership through disseminating the MISMES report results.
During the meeting the preliminary findings of the inventory were presented and discussed, highlighting successful policy measures, lessons learnt and good practices targeting emigrants, returnees, foreign immigrants and refugees with all the stakeholders, including public institutions, civil society/ NGO actors and donors active in the field. In addition to validation of the report the event had also the objective to also increase awareness of authorities and wider public on the activities/ projects implemented under the EU-Jordan Mobility Partnership.

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