“Resilience and Human Capital Perspectives” Expert Workshop together with the EC Joint Research Centre

The European Training Foundation (ETF) together with the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), policy makers from its partner countries and experts from the academia, is exploring the topic of resilience in education, training and lifelong learning.  

The aim of the workshop discussion is to define resilience in a way that takes into account the features of human capital development systems and elaborate on the policy implications. There is ample literature as well as practice on resilience; however, the key elements of resilience that apply to education, training, lifelong learning are not always clearly identified – hence this would be our focus.

With this Workshop, we facilitate exchange between researchers and practitioners, to build on both theory and real experience of education systems under stress or transformation. We believe that each of the participants will bring value to the discussion.

The Expert Workshop will provide an opportunity to:

  • discuss the EC resilience framework and dashboard elaborated by the JRC;
  • explore the interrelations between the concept of resilience and governance of policies and systems, notably in the human capital development sector;
  • converge on the key elements of resilience at the level of education, training and lifelong learning systems that may apply to a diversity of country contexts.

The meeting is organised in hybrid format (onsite in ETF and online in Zoom) and the working language will be English.

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Agenda in English