Regional meeting of the Skills Connexion Project

The ETF regional project on work-based learning in VET (‘Skills Connexion’) aims to promote policy development and implementation of work-based learning in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. During the period of the project implementation in 2015-2016 the following has been achieved:
• Mapping of the work-based learning (WBL) landscape in 7 partner countries;
• Analysing feasibility of WBL schemes;
• Identifying ways to enhance employers engagement in WBL;
• Supporting policy development in WBL;
• Sharing existing good practices in partner and EU countries;
• Improving stakeholders’ co-operation at various levels;
• Supporting the capacity development of VET stakeholders.
The main objectives of the third Regional Meeting of the project are to:
To reflect and discuss next phase (2018-2020) for each country concerned;
Implement a modular capacity building about WBL;
Get feedback about the distance learning modules implemented prior to the Regional Meeting;
Inform about developments in the field of WBL in the EU and in other regions (e.g. SEET);
Continue networking and identify co-operation mechanisms;
Learn from concrete WBL examples of the host country (Moldova).

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Agenda: Agenda_Regional Meeting of the Skills Connexion Project_Chisinau 19-21 September 2017