Peer-Learning Activity (PLA) - Exploring different types of work-based learning (traineeship and apprenticeship) in France and related mechanisms.

The event addresses the members of the Armenian Working Group on work-based learning established the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia by decree (18/01/2018). The objective is to develop a framework and mechanisms for organising and implementing WBL in Armenia. A draft work plan on the introduction of these mechanisms and their enhancement for 2018-2022 is expected. The ETF is supporting the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Armenia in the setting up the National Working Group and provide expertise and assistance.
The Working Group is composed of decision makers and stakeholders from the National Authorities and agencies, VET schools, companies and donors.
The first meeting held on January 2018 set the main activities to carry out by the Working group in order to achieve the objectives. Among the different activities a Peer-Learning Activity Visit is scheduled in France (Lyon).
During the Peer-Learning activity participants will have the opportunity to learn from the experience of France in the development of apprenticeships and other forms of work-based learning in VET.

The focus of the Peer- Learning Activity (PLA) is on:
Different ways to obtain a qualification: school based (traineeship) or apprenticeship;
Role of Regions, employer organisations, trade unions and Chambers in organisation of apprenticeship and other forms of work-based learning;
Ways to promote VET and work-based learning and practical implementation mechanisms;
Strategies to improve stakeholders’ co-operation at various levels;
Cooperation between companies and VET schools, contractual as well as informal;
Financial and non-financial incentives.
This Working group is a follow-up of the ETF 3-years regional project (Skills Connexion) aimed at promoting the development and implantation of WBL in Eastern Partnership and Kazakhstan (2015-2017).

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