Kick-off meeting GRETA initiative – Greening responses to excellence through thematic actions

Vocational and education training (VET) has an important role in greening of skills in different areas and sectors. The green dimension ranges from very technical and job-specific skills to responsible use of resources relevant across occupations and sectors. Greening the curriculum and training means adapting training disciplines to sustainability concepts and practices in the curriculum.

Within ETF Network of Excellence, the new initiative on going green "GREENING RESPONSES TO EXCELLENCE THROUGH THEMATIC ACTIONS- (GRETA) will be launched on 7 December 2021 from 9,00 to 13.00 CET.

17 CoVEs from 8 different countries will be invited and the respective ENE country contact points. The participating centres are from:  Armenia (1), Georgia (1), Latvia (1), Serbia (1), Slovenia (1), Spain (2), Turkey (3) and Ukraine (7). 

The expectations on Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) are high in providing greening responses and in becoming more sustainable institutions, where school management, career guidance, curricula development, teachers and trainer’s professional update and work based learning are key thematic actions to take into consideration.  

CoVEs have also to prove strong capacities for cooperating effectively with other public institutions, as well as with the private sector for boosting green development.  

The purpose of the Kick off meeting is to:  

  • Present GRETA team and update of GRETA work packages.  

  • Establish a peer learning community between participating CoVEs. 

  • Prepare peer learning reviews among CoVEs. 


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Agenda of the event 7 December 2022