ETF online Regional Conference “Use it or lose it: how labour markets, human capital and migration interact in the Western Balkans”

In 2020, the European Training Foundation (ETF), together with the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw), launched a regional study entitled ‘Migration dynamics from a human capital perspective in the Western Balkans’. Its aim was to shed light on the triangular relationships between human capital formation, labour markets and migration, and to determine how the current functioning of the education system and labour market affect migration in each country.

The regional conference that will take pace on 1st December 2021, from 10:00 to 13:00hrs (CET), offers the opportunity to ETF to share the results of with the country and regional authorities in the region, the EU institutions and the wider community of international organisations and donors at a high-level policy event. Gathering all relevant stakeholders at the national, regional and international levels, the key objectives of the conference are:  

  • To discuss the types of interactions between job markets, human capital stock and labour mobility based on the findings of the recent ETF regional and country studies;
  • To stimulate an open policy debate among the national, regional and international actors on the conditions of virtuous and vicious interactions and show good practices for policy options; 
  • To bring together the national, regional and international actors from migration, labour market and education fields that otherwise remain distant to each other, and encourage them to develop joint actions for win-win-win situations.

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