ETF Nework for Excellence: SDGS and Digitalisation for Entrepreneurial CoVEs: Practical examples from Moldova, Tunisia and Azerbaijan

The Partnership of Entrepreneurial Centers of Vocational Excellence (Entrepreneurial CoVEs) works on developing Entrepreneurship as a key competence in a life-long learning perspective.

The project promotes knowledge sharing, peer learning and collaboration of CoVEs with a view to help them improve their performances. Currently active CoVEs are from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco and Tunisia. Individual coaching sessions with the 5 CoVEs were organised with the aim to improve the entrepreneurial capacities of CoVEs in two areas (based on their needs) among the four mentioned above through the design and production of new training services.

In the online sharing session, SDGs and digitalisation for entrepreneurial CoVEs: Practical examples from Moldova, Tunisia and Azerbaijan, we will learn how three Vocational centres of excellence from Moldova, Tunisia and Azerbaijan designed and are producing new training products and services to become more entrepreneurial adopting a more digital and equitable (SDGs) approach.

The event will be on zoom on 1st March 2023 from 11:00 to 12:00 CET (Brussels time). The working language for the meeting is English only without interpretation.

The aim of the sharing sessions is to present the main outcomes of the coaching sessions and CoVEs to share their experience and feedback towards their journey to become more entrepreneurial via this project.

For any further clarification related to the content of the event, please contact Mariavittoria Garlappi, coordinator of ENE initiative Entrepreneurial Centres of Excellence:

More details on the Partnership are available at: Entrepreneurial centres of vocational excellence | ETF (

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