ETF Network for Excellence - Sharing Innovation in Social Inclusion (SISI)​: LAUNCH EVENT OF THE COVES PARTNERSHIP

The event aims to be the official opening of the Social Inclusion Initiative within ETF Network for Excellence (ENE) “Social inclusion in Network of Excellence (Digital and Innovative Teaching and Learning Practices for Inclusive Skills - No One Should Be Left Behind)” 

Excellence in Social Inclusion will be achieved through a long-term cooperation and co-working together. It will be a joint work among all the ETF partner countries that have confirmed their membership in this network.

All members of Social Inclusion Centres of Vocational Excellence will be assisted to seize the opportunities for enhanced visibility, collaboration, and support in the innovative inclusion practices, activities and practices developed at local level by the partners to further exploit their outcomes and impact on Inclusive Excellence.

Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) invited to participate in the initiative are from: Albania (1), Georgia (1), Israel (2), and Turkey (4). The national ENE contact points will be invited as well.




More information

Agenda of the event on 13 December
ENE SISI presentations 13 December 2021
ENE SISI Action Plan