ETF Network for Excellence – GRETA: Greening Responses to Excellence through thematic actions: Green International Partnerships

Within the ETF Network for Excellence, GRETA – Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions supports CoVEs in their greening processes.

GRETA promotes knowledge sharing, peer learning and collaboration of CoVEs and VET providers with a view to support their provision of green skills – and is implemented in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute (DTI).

In the current, 2nd phase of GRETA, six online Thematic Webinars are organised from June – January 2023 aiming to present and share good practices to both the active participants of GRETA as well as other members of ENE. 

The first Thematic session organised 1 June, focused on teachers training and continuing professional development as this is a key enabler to excel in the greening of VET.

This second Thematic session will take place 30 June, and will look into practices and funding possibilities for green international partnerships.

CoVEs from GRETA and representatives from green international partnerships will share how green cooperation play a vital role in fostering green co-creation, dissemination and application of knowledge that is needed to support the greening efforts of VET providers.

Furthermore, the European Commission, will present upcoming Erasmus+ programme calls for CoVEs and the green transition.

Key take-aways of the GRETA second thematic seminar:

  • Knowledge on what international partnerships involving CoVEs are and how they function.
  • Information on funding possibilities for international partnerships.
  • Inspiration from CoVEs and specific green projects benefitting from international partnerships.

Interpretation is provided in Ukrainian, Turkish and French.

If you are interested in joining the event, please, write to: 

For more information, please consult the agenda attached.

If you want to know more about ENE GRETA initiative, please click on: ENE Green Partnership – Greening in VET – GRETA | Open Space (


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