ETF Network of Centres of Excellence - SISI: Sharing Innovation in Social Inclusion Virtual Peer visit: Hospitality and Tourism School of Tirana

This event is part of ENE initiative called SISI- Sharing Innovation in Social Inclusion, whose aim is to recognize excellence in social inclusion through
innovative solutions that focus on innovative teaching, learning and technology, and the communication of findings to the initiative’s broader community, which includes ETF partner countries and EU Member States.

This Peer Leaning hosted by Albanian counterparts is part of the regular exchanges among ETF ENE CoVEs about
best practices that inform long-term decision-making and action plans; evidence that VET learners need a broad
range of skills and key competences to manage their professional lives in a labor market that demands a high degree
of adaptability in the long term; and building resilient multi-stakeholder network that embraces the public and private
sectors. This peer visit follows the other peer visit hosted by Israeli and Turkey ENE members in the period March-
April will be a unique opportunity to observe closely the reality and the work of the CoVE Hospitality and Tourism
School of Tirana.
The agenda includes a comprehensive and multifaceted portrait of the stakeholders involved in the centers’ life: the
policy makers, the institution implementing the policies, the donors that are supporting the Albanian government in
implementing their policies jointly with employers and all the other related public and private institutions.

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Agenda of Virtual Peer visit to Hospitality and Tourism School in Tirana