ENE Entrepreneurial Centres of Excellence - Webinar 1: Collaborating with European and International partners

The online event Webinar 1: Collaborating with European and International partners under ENE initiative Entrepreneurial Centres of Excellence will take place on the 29 March 2022, on Zoom platform, from 10:00 to 12.00 CEST (Brussels time)

The Partnership of Entrepreneurial Centers of Vocational Excellence (Entrepreneurial CoVEs) works on developing Entrepreneurship as a key competence from a life-long learning perspective. The project promotes knowledge sharing, participation, and collaboration of CoVEs. Participants are called to use peer-learning techniques and strategies. The current 6 participanting CoVEs are from the following countries: Georgia, Morocco, Tunisia, Moldova and Spain.

The Partnership is presented on ETF website: Entrepreneurial centres of vocational excellence | ETF (europa.eu)

and on ETF Open Space Partnership on Entrepreneurial Centres of Excellence  | Open Space (europa.eu)

The main objectives of this first webinar are:

  • To focus on 3 different opportunity fields of cooperation: Erasmus+, COPCoVEs and EntreComp community.
  • To function as a platform for collaboration and synergies among the participants.

The agenda is structured in a way where all the CoVeS will be participating interactively in the discussion.

The working language for the meeting is English only without interpretation.





More information

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