Information for people fleeing Ukraine

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In the current emergency, Ukrainians have the right to live in the EU and to access essential services such as housing and medical care.  Ukrainians also have the right to continue and access education and training, and to look for work. To support such access, Ukrainians need to have their skills, qualifications and study periods completed in Ukraine recognised, while organisations and companies in the EU need to understand Ukraine’s education and training system and qualifications. This page provides key information about Ukraine’s education system, guidance in understanding and recognising all types of Ukrainian qualifications, recognising study periods, and guiding Ukrainians to education, learning and employment opportunities. This information is available in English and Ukrainian.

Here you can find information on how you can continue or access education and training, on having your qualifications understood and recognised for work or study purposes, and on pursuing employment opportunities. 

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If you are seeking more general information about rights and support, please go to: Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine | European Commission (

These pages are constantly being updated with new materials – please check back regularly for updates.

Continuing and accessing education and training in the EU Member States

Finding work in the EU

The EU’s Temporary Protection Directive, invoked to support Ukrainians during this crisis, allows you to look for work, to be employed and to seek self-employment.  

Get recognition of your qualifications and skills in the EU

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