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  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
    The purpose of ‘Highlights and Insights’ is to help you to quickly understand the role and contribution of the ETF.
  • 2016
    A short overview of the ETF's 2016 work programme
  • 2015
  • 2008
    “This publication illustrates not only the achievements of European support to skills development in the fledgling free market economies surrounding us, but also, inter alia, the invaluable importance of helping our neighbours develop some of the most basic conditions for peace, stability and prosperity: education and training.” Jan Andersson, MEP
  • 2007
    This edition of the ETF Highlights describes a selection of ETF activities carried out in 2006. It is an issue that is perhaps even more aptly named than any earlier edition because 2006 was truly a year of highlights for the European Training Foundation.
  • 2006
    This edition of the ETF Highlights describes a selection of ETF activities carried out in 2005. Forward looking as always, its contents are loosely grouped around the four themes that will form the backbone of the 2006 Advisory Forum conference ‘Skills for Progress’.
  • 2005
    This publication describes what kinds of services the ETF can offer and how and to what extent these can be utilised by individual Member States, groups of Member States and third parties.
  • 2005
    Educational institutions and media professionals need to corporate and cover educational news better, summarises a new handbook released by the ETF. Entitled “Education and media: a partnership for progress,” the publication is a follow-up to a seminar on the role of the media in the distribution of education and training news organised by the ETF.
  • 2005
    2004 was a momentous year for Europe and for the ETF. The European Union welcomed ten new members, previously ETF's partners, after a decade of hard work and preparations. And in July 2004 Muriel Dunbar took over as director from Peter de Rooij.