Skills for inclusion

Skills for inclusion: the role of centres of vocational excellence

Sharing Innovation in Social Inclusion is an initiative that aims to share and consolidate locally sourced, innovative inclusion practices and activities, and to put social inclusion at the heart of human capital development.

The initiative draws on the collective experience of 11 centres of vocational excellence (CoVEs). CoVEs are leading the way by revitalising social mobility and guaranteeing equal access to relevant education. The initiative seeks to use CoVEs' input to:

  • offset public discourse on skills and vocational education and training (VET) with the broader social and cultural roles VET plays;
  • reduce socio-economic inequalities and increase social mobility;
  • promote socialisation by providing learners with a professional identity and a sense of belonging to a professional community;
  • prepare learners for the civic role they play in society; and
  • foster equity by opening up learning pathways to marginalised groups.

The ETF Network for Excellence (ENE) and ENAIP NET will actively participate by opening up their networks.

What's the main objective of the initiative?

To recognise excellence in social inclusion through:

  • innovative solutions that focus on innovative teaching, learning and technology, and the communication of findings to the initiative’s broader community, which includes ETF partner countries and EU Member States;
  • a Community of Practice platform allowing participating CoVEs to benefit from peer reviews;
  • increased visibility and opportunities for cooperation among CoVEs;
  • the identification of development needs and creation of partnerships that remove barriers for marginalised groups seeking access to training and employment;
  • the sharing of tools and best practices with private sector companies, public sector entities, such as universities, and policymakers in partner countries.

What's in it for participating CoVEs?

  • Unique opportunities to participate in peer-learning activities and be inspired by peers
  • The possibility to exchange knowledge and experience on best practices for social inclusion
  • Access to a wide and diverse network of CoVEs as well as stakeholders in the public and private sectors
  • High visibility on Open Space, the ETF online platform 

    11 participating CoVEs

    For more information, join our online community on Open Space.

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