The READY model

The READY model

Preparing 21st century educators

The opportunities and challenges to transform education and training are more significant than ever due to the economic, social, demographic, and technological trends impacting on education and training policies and practices.

Produced under the European Training Foundation’s (ETF) Creating New Learning (CNL) initiative, the READY model (Reference model for Educators' Activities and Development in the 21st centurY) offers a structured way to identify the professional practices and development needs of 21st century educators – a highly diverse group of professionals involved in the process of teaching or guiding and facilitating learning, who may have different roles, titles, and responsibilities.

READY is a flexible tool that can be used by various education and training stakeholders. Prospective, novice and experienced educators, mentors, professional learning communities and networks, providers of initial education and professional development, administrators, researchers, policymakers, and other vocational education and/or adult learning stakeholders can use it to identify learning needs and improve practices.


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